Kyle Reynolds Art
Expressionistic Contemporary and Primitive Art

Kyle Reynolds Contemporary Art and Mental Health Advocate

A picture of Kyle Reynolds who is a self taught schizophrenic artist 

Kyle Reynolds was born and raised in St.Catharines, from a very young age it was apparent that art would play a significant role in his life. At the age of 16 Kyle experienced an illness that set him back and unfortunately put a pin in his present endeavor. It wasn't until early 2001 that he rediscovered art and in doing so he discovered the therapeutic value that came with creating this art. Over the next few years a style was forged along with his original ongoing "MORPHISM" series. Kyle has also taken on commission work and enjoys painting pet portraiture in his unique brand of form and color. Kyle hopes to inspire and be inspired through the connection that comes from doing and sharing art. Expressing his schizophrenia through art has helped him get through some tough times


 Expressionistic art by schizophrenic artist kyle reynolds


There seems to be a lot of confusion as to why I put nudity in a lot of my work and sometimes I think it comes off as misogynistic, when this is the total opposite of what I am trying to express. I feel nudity can represent a sense of vulnerability and the idea that when you are naked there truly is nothing left to hide. So in retrospect I feel a correlation between my illness and nudity I feel vulnerable being so open, and in being so honest I have nothing left to hide



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