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Hi, i'm very impressed with your work, i think it's pure art, and i hope someone from "the world of art" will perceive it, cause it will be a big shame if (mostly) shitty pieces of nowadays art will be "higher" then this. Peace! :)
Eve - 5 Sep 2017
Bravo !!!! I love your portraits! Whether people or pets, you convey character with such depth , a haunting simplicity of form, expressive line, colour, directness . The morphing series is a powerful means of expressing truly what is beyond words yet vibrantly evocative of emotional states, & the complexity of mind/thoughts/feelings/experience...and, they even look like brains.....quite profound! You have a natural talent, a unique style, & a powerful message to share with your work! Thank God you have emerged from recent depression to express yourself again! Please keep on keeping on, with your art, your life, & your honesty in sharing your experiences with the world. So many people can be helped by what you do! Thank you! Dorothy Zohra Debiche , BFA (Artist: born in St. Catharines , living in Calgary since 1982)
Dorothy Zohra Debiche - 11 Sep 2014
I am very lucky to have him as a boyfriend! He is a talented artist and a very dear sweet man. I am his biggest fan.
Stephanie Barta - 4 Jul 2014
Thank you so much for contacting us through our website. I will add a link to your fascinating and beautiful website on our Resources Page. It looks like you were very busy exhibiting until 2009. Have you had any more recent activities? Your work is very deserving of more recognition. I wish we lived closer. Irene
Irene O'Neill - 20 Feb 2013
What a wonderful talent you have! Your true sense of raw emotions are eloquently portrayed both in words and on canvas!Looking forward to seeing more of your work!Good health to you and thank you for sharing...
Susan Erskine-Fournier - 7 Feb 2013
Love your web site. I came across it doing research on Art and Mental Illness Across Time. I am a nearly 50 year old student of Secondary Education for Visual Arts and need to develop a unit of work for my HSC Students as an assignment. In Australian schools well-being and health related issues are now becoming paramount for excellent learning so I have chosen Mental health and Art to focus on. My research has shown that many young people are having problems throughout their teen years and by de-mystifying and tackling the issue head on through art will hopefully help my students with their art practise. Thank-you for sharing your inspirational work.
Patricia White - 21 Jul 2012
Kyle, you have continued to be an inspiration. I periodically look at your website, and always feel moved by the honesty of your work.
Hiba - 9 Feb 2012
Love your art and the message you convey. Thank you for sharing your art.
Laura - 25 Sep 2011
Your paintings and drawings are beautiful. You give emotions and creativity in your paintings and in your drawings too. It reminds me of Picacco. I love it when you have twisted form in your paintings and your drawings.
Mary Simmons - 27 Aug 2011
Great paintings, so moving. You have a wonderful gift. Pam Tervo
Pam Tervo - 12 Jul 2011
You and your art work are inspiring. Thank you for sharing you!
Erinne Andrews-Art therapist - 29 Apr 2011
Keep uo the good work.It is beatiful.
Shirley Reynolds - 30 Mar 2011
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