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(posted on 25 Aug 2014)

I have often felt compelled to tell my story not really taking into account the fact that people without mental illness cannot truly understand the process. Coming to this conclusion was not easy but if you truly do not know what it is like to lose something like your mental health than I find it safe to assume you truly cannot understand. For example I just got over an extremely bad bout with depression, I finally have got on a medicine that works for me. it almost felt like being able to see again. Once I began to recover it was like" Wow life can be this good!" I was sick and depressed for so long I had forgotten what happiness felt like. I guess what I am trying to say is you can't be grateful for something you have never lost. This is so much more apparent with mental illness. Most of us can visually imagine not being able to see or walk to imagine the horror of psychosis or major depression is next to impossible for most. In a way I have had what I feel to be a new lease on life and I am going to try my best to use it.

moody pen sketch

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